Production Red Chicken

A rigorous, hardy breed that is an excellent producer of large, brown eggs – Production Red Chicken

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The Production Red Chicken Breed is a cross between the popular Rhode Island Red Chicken and the New Hampshire Red Chicken. They are bred to be a very capable and efficient breed for egg production, yielding vast quantities of large brown eggs. They were developed later than the Rhode Island Red Chicken to be less of a meaty bird and to require slightly less feed for optimal egg production.

They are smaller in size than Rhode Island Reds and have more brittle lighter weight feathers. The color of the Production Red Chicken is similar to the Rhode Island Red, but they are noticeably lighter in color.

The Production Red Chicken is by far one of our most production Brown Egg Laying Chickens. If your main concern is maximum egg production and optimal feed/lay ration, the Production Red is your breed of choice. The demeanor of the birds is, for the most part, calm and docile. Although the Production Red Rooster can become a bit aggressive, especially in larger flocks. They are quite adaptable to a wide range of climates and even make good winter laying birds. If you are looking for wonderful free-range egg production, the Production Red Chicken is a great option.