Pharaoh Coturnix Quail

The Delicious, Popular, Fast flying game bird – The Pharaoh Coturnix Quail

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Pharaoh Coturnix Quail are the only quail native to the Eastern United States and are among the most popular and commonly bred game birds in the world. Pharaoh Coturnix Quail can be purchased and raised for stocking hunting preserves, gourmet food purposes, gun dog training, or as farm pets. The Pharaoh Coturnix Quail is a variety of Japanese Quail which originated in the 12th century primarily as a song bird.

This breed mature at about 6 weeks and are full grown at 10 weeks of age. Though they are quite hardy and adaptable, and it is feasible to raise them in many climates and environments, the Pharaoh Coturnix can be susceptible to the harsh winters in the northernmost parts of the country. Male Coturnix begin to crow at about 5-6 weeks, making a “coo-tur-nix” sound for which they are named. Females begin to produce eggs at 7 weeks.

Pharaoh Coturnix Quails are such a desirable game bird because they tend to lie close-by in “coveys” of 5 to 30 birds and are capable of fast flight. They are also a desirable bird to have around the farm because they tend to destroy certain weeds and harmful insects during feeding. This breed is easy to keep, however their cages should be above the ground with a space for dust baths below.