Naked Neck Chickens

The Naked Neck Chicken is a unique, cold and heat resistant bird who will provide your farm with excellent dual-purpose capabilities!


The Naked Neck Chicken is commonly referred to as the Turken because it looks like a cross between a turkey and a chicken. Many mistakenly believe that the Naked Neck Chicken was actually a cross between a domestic turkey and a chicken. The featherless neck was actually a characteristic intentionally bred into the chicken to make it easier to pluck and more resistant to hot weather climates. The Naked Neck Chicken is surprisingly cold resistant even though it lacks almost half the total feathers of other chickens its size. It is also a reliable layer of medium to large light brown eggs.

Though considered an ornamental breed, most do not choose this bird for show purposes. Many owners choose them for their excellent dual purpose utility. The carcass is quite meaty and the feathers particularly easy to pluck due to the nakedness of its neck and vents. Naked Neck Chickens are not only good for utility. That being said, they have easy going personalities and are one of the easiest chicks to tame.

They make friendly pets and are fairly broody and good setters. Turkens are tolerant of confinement. Though the breed is rather rare in North America, Naked Neck Chickens are especially popular in Western Europe. The Naked Neck Chicken may not be the most visually appealing chicken breed. Despite that, they do have great dual purpose functionality and make a friendly and pleasant backyard bird.