Khaki Campbell Ducks

The Khaki Campbell Duck Breed is one of the most prolific pure bred egg laying duck breed. They are great for a farm, but can be skittish in confinement.


The Khaki Campbell Ducks are a hardy and vigorous foraging breed, most popular for it’s prolific egg laying capabilities. Khaki Campbells are an active medium sized breed of duck that is perfect if you have plenty of space for free-ranging and foraging. They don’t make the best pets because they are flighty, but will produce impressive numbers of eggs for your family.

Khaki Campbell females are quite popular, outselling males by a large margin. Please note that if you purchase straight run birds, we will send you truly straight run birds. We will not first pick out all of the females for other orders. This courtesy makes us an extremely popular and cost-effective resource to obtain these birds for egg production. Campbell hens can produce eggs most of the year, as long as the conditions of their environment are right. The egg production of the Khaki Campbell can even exceed that of domestic chickens.

On average, the birds is capable of laying 300 eggs per year. If you are looking for a duck breed that is more personable with a calmer disposition that may be better for families with smaller children, you should consider the Golden 300 Hybrid. The Golden 300 Hybrid will not be as active of a forager, but his breed will match or surpass the egg laying abilities of the Khaki Campbell.

Khaki Campbell ducks are very active with their streamlined build. They have a sturdy and upright posture, as part of their breeding origin is from the Indian Runner Duck. Other than a few hybrid duck breeds like the Golden 300 Hybrid and the White Golden Layer, the Khaki Campbell Duck is the best purebred egg-laying duck that we sell.