Hatchery Choice Guinea Fowl

Get a mixture of guinea keets to stock your farm with these pest and insect controlling birds – they will get rid of ticks!


Hatchery Choice Guineas can consist of any combination of the following breeds, but please note that we do not guarantee any particular mixture or assortment: Pearl Guineas Lavender Guineas Purple Guineas White Guinea Fowl.

As Lyme Disease, a tick-born illness has become more and more prevalent in the Eastern United States, many farm owners with livestock and family have turned to Guinea Fowl to help eradicate the danger. Guineas are especially known to immensely enjoy snapping up ticks out of tall grass where they tend to thrive and pose threats to dogs, children, and livestock nearby.

Guinea Fowl are also known for their alert behavior and vocal nature. Guineas are said to be effective at warding off hawks, rats, foxes and snakes with their cry; helping to protect not only themselves, but other chickens, ducks, or geese, on the farm that are prone to attack by predators.

Once raised from young, Guineas will pretty much live wild and roam free once mature, but since they are territorial, they will stay in close proximity to where they have been raised. Guinea Fowl also are an excellent bird to harvest for its meat, tasting almost identical to pheasant.

Why raise guinea fowl?

Guineas are absolutely incredible at controlling ticks. ?If you have pests on your farm you want to control, these guinea fowl for sale are the way to go. Want to learn more about the best reasons to raise guineas? Check out the Top 7 Benefits of Having Guineas on your Farm!