Gray Japanese Bantam Chickens

A Popular and Exotic Asian Bantam Breed – Gray Japanese Bantam Chickens

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Japanese Bantam Chickens were first known as Chabo Chickens and are an old and well established Asian bantam breed. They probably originated sometime in the late 16th Century in what was then Southern China. They were taken to Japan in the early 17th Century, where different colorations probably developed. The Gray Japanese Bantam was first to be admitted to the American Standard in 1914.

The females and males of most varieties of the Japanese Bantams are quite similar in plumage. The Gray Japanese Bantam has a plumage pattern quite similar to the Birchen Cochin Chicken with a white head and penciled white feathers on the hackles of the males and white laced black hackles on the females. The upright tail feathers of the Japanese Bantam Chickens is one of their most distinguishing features, making this breed a fun and ornamental Asian Bantam Variety.