Golden Comet Chickens

Golden Comet chickens are great for the farmer who wants maximum production with only minimal stress when it comes to maintaining the flock.


Breeders developed the Golden Comet Chickens as one of few “Modern Day Brown” egg breeds to be fast growing, egg-laying chickens. These baby chickens are sex-link chickens, meaning can be easily sexed after hatching. Farmers interested in maintaining strict rooster to hen ratios benefit from raising chickens that are easily sexed as chicks. Golden Comet Chickens are a cross breed utilizing the Rhode Island Red Male and the Rhode Island White Female.

Golden Comets are a hardy and robust dual purpose breed with superior egg laying capabilities. Please note that this breed is identical to the Cinnamon Queen Chickens and the Gold Sex Link, and these breeds are all created using the same parent stock combination. We use different names because many farmers across the country have various names for this variety of auto-sexing brown egg layer.

Golden Comets are a good backyard breed because they tend to be quieter than other breeds and handle confinement well. Small farmers chose this breed of chickens because they will do well in the winter in smaller uninsulated chicken coops. One can easily sex or determine the gender of the baby chickens: male Golden Comet Chicks will be mostly white, female Golden Comet Chicks will be a reddish buff color.