Gold Laced Sebright Bantam Chickens

A True Bantam Breed with Unique Feather Patterns- Gold Laced Sebright Chickens

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Sebright Chickens are a unique true bantam breed, meaning they are a miniature chicken breed with no corresponding standard breed of fowl that it is related to. They were developed in the early 19th century by a member of the British Parliament, Sir John Saunders Sebright. What makes the bantam Sebright Chicken is the fact that the cock and the hen have the exact same black laced feathering.

Usually, the male chicken of the breed is more colorful or has a unique type of feathering around the head and tail. These sweet natured and beautiful birds are bred primarily for ornamental purposes. They will lay one tiny white chicken egg per week and are not suitable for meat purposes. The Sebright Chicken is not winter hardy and not particularly docile, having an active disposition.

The Sebright Chicken is one of few chicken breeds that still retain the ability to fly due to its proportionately large wings so many Sebright Chicken owners choose to keep theirs in confinement.

The popular Sebright Chicken is claimed to be one of the top 10 most popular bantam breeds according to the American Poultry Association. Regardless of its popularity, the Sebright Chicken is a difficult chicken to breed successfully. It can be hard to produce the desired characteristics of the breed and the chicks have a higher than normal mortality rate.

Hens are not particularly broody and are not good setters, but for those experienced bantam owners and chicken breeders, the Sebright Chicken can be a beautiful and rewarding bird to keep and raise.