Gold Laced Polish Chickens

The Beautifully Crested and Ornamental – Gold Laced Polish Chickens

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Though they are capable of producing around 120 small white eggs in a given season, the Golden LacedPolish is primarily classified as an ornamental chicken that is primarily used for exhibition. The non-bearded variety was admitted to the Standard in 1874 with its bearded counterpart making the cut in 1883.

The Polish male chicken has a straight back that s wide across the shoulders until it tapers down to the tail. They have a full and prominent breast with a moderately full body that also tapers down from front to back. They have a golden bay plumage laced with a lustrous black.

Chicks are black and brown with a crest. Some chicks will have beards and a muff. The Golden Laced Polish s most noticeable trait is its knob or the large protuberance on top of its head. This regal knob helps the bird stand out as one of the most beautiful and desirable ornamental breeds in the world. Polish chickens will rarely go broody. If you are to order, you will receive a mix of bearded and non-bearded chickens. There is not a guaranteed ratio of bearded to non-bearded.