French Wheaten Marans

The French Wheaten Marans is a rare and beautiful coloration of the prized Marans chicken breed. This breed will lay beautiful large dark brown eggs.

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The French Wheaten Marans Chicken wasn’t officially recognized as a continental class breed by the APA until recently in October 2011. The Wheaten sports feathered shanks, amber eyes, and lightly colored feathers. Like other French Marans, the Wheatens also lay their signature chocolate brown eggs, though they aren’t typically as dark as say their Black Copper Marans relatives. The darkness of these eggs will lessen as the season goes on.

These birds are quite active albeit friendly, even the roosters stay pretty calm and can share living space pretty easily. The French Wheaten Marans are beautiful birds who complement any farm nicely. They are also fast growers and quite disease resistant.

French Wheaten Marans lay a large egg that weighs in at around 2.3 oz for a pullet and 2.8 oz for a hen. They typically have a strong and broad body, tight plumage (their feathers don’t make them appear much larger than they are,) and have a deep dark red-brown shell.