French Cuckoo Marans Chicken

The Feather Legged Variety of the Popular and Rare Dark Brown Egg Layer- Feather Legged Cuckoo Maran Chickens


The French Cuckoo Marans Chickens is the Cackle Hatchery feather legged version of the Cuckoo Maran, a fairly rare and desirable breed because of its rich chocolate brown egg color. The Marans Chicken Breed is named for the French town of Marans in the region in which the breed originated. This feather legged variety is intended for show purposes and egg production; however, approximately 5% of our French Maran Chickens will have clean legs. They will still carry the genetic trait for feathered legs. The standard clean legged Marans will generally be better egg producers.

This is a very rare chicken breed with quality genetics. The Cuckoo Marans is a dual purpose breed that is primarily bred and raised for its unique egg color. This heavy breed will produce on average between 150-200 eggs per year, and they can grow large enough to be used for meat as well as eggs. They are a fast growing and extremely hardy that will thrive in most climates. The feather pattern of the Cuckoo Marans is a striking and beautiful barred black and white pattern, similar to that of the Barred Plymouth Rock Chicken.

If you’re looking for an extremely rare and unique chicken breed to add to your flock, the French Cuckoo Marans is an excellent choice. Our breeders have invested over 12 years in developing the bloodlines of this rare and prestigious chocolate egg laying chicken breed.