French Black Copper Marans Chickens


The Black Copper Marans Chicken has quickly become one of the most popular rare chicken breeds in the United States. Marans chickens originated from its namesake Marans, France. A poultry import ban led to a decreased number of Black Copper Marans breeding flocks in the United States. However, the breed is slowly making a comeback as hatcheries grow their breeding flocks to keep up with demand.

True to the French poultry standard, the Cackle Hatchery French Black Copper Marans will have lightly feathered legs. However, about 5% of the birds will often lack the feathered legs. They are most well known for producing a strikingly dark brown, or chocolate, colored egg. The Marans is an excellent layer of these chocolate colored eggs, usually topping 200 per year.

This hardy and disease resistant chicken breed has deep black plumage with striking gold or copper hackles. They are usually quiet and docile, and they can be fairly active in a free range environment.