Dominique Bantam Chickens

A Miniature Variety of the Oldest American Chicken Breed- Dominique Bantam Chickens

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The Standard Dominique Chicken is the oldest American chicken, developed in New England sometime during colonization of North America. The Dominique Chicken remained the most popular American Breed until the development of the Barred Plymouth Rock in the mid 19th century. The Dominique Bantam Chicken is a calm and gentle bird. It’s docile temperament and calm demeanor makes the Bantam variety of this breed an excellent family pet.

The Dominique Chicken is a good looking bird with black and creamy white barred plumage patterns. The barring is more staggered and less parallel than the plumage of the Barred Plymouth Rock. The Dominique Chicken has a bright red rose comb with bright red wattles and earlobes. Overall, the Dominique Bantam Chicken is a beautiful chicken breed that will make an enjoyable pet. The birds’ plumage pattern, also known as “hawk coloring”, offers some protection against some aerial predators, helping the bird survive in backyard free range environments.