Columbian Plymouth Rock Chicken

A great dual purpose breed with attractive plumage – Columbian Plymouth Rock Chicken

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The Columbian Plymouth Rock Chicken has been recognized as a distinct breed by the American Standard of Perfection in 1910. This breed is a good dual purpose breed; laying large brown eggs and providing quality meat. This breed has been used in the United States for farming and backyard flocks for a hundred years. This color variety from the Plymouth Rock Chicken family is difficult to find. The Columbian Plymouth Rock Chicken should show well at poultry competitions, however show quality chickens are not guaranteed.

Columbian Plymouth Rock Chickens are somewhat early maturing and have the added benefit of being a very cold hardy breed for those living in northern climates. At one point in time, the Plymouth Rock Chicken was America’s favorite breed in part due to their easy temperament, docile nature and adaptability to free range or confinement.