Cinnamon Queen Chickens

Cinnamon Queen chickens are a rigorous, and hardy breed that is an excellent producer of large, brown eggs. They are also suitable as broiler birds and easy to care for.


The Cinnamon Queen Chickens are one of two modern-day production chickens that lay brown eggs. Breeders developed the Cinnamon Queen for its fast body growth and egg production. The Cinnamon Queen Chicken will start to lay eggs at a significantly younger age than most standard heritage breeds. Cinnamon Queen Chickens lay large to extra large brown eggs. A fully matured Cinnamon Queen can produce 250-300 eggs annually.

This breed of chickens can be sexed by color. The male or cockerel chicks are white, and female or pullet chicks are more of a brownish red color. The second generation of this breed will not be color sex-able and will come in multiple colors. Cinnamon Queen Chickens are a cross breed utilizing the Rhode Island Red Male and the Rhode Island White Female. The Cinnamon Queen breed developed from this particular cross is a hardy and robust dual purpose breed with superior egg laying capabilities. Please note that this breed is identical to the Golden Comet and the Gold Sex Link, and these breeds are all created using the same parent stock combination. We use different names because many farmers across the country have various names for this variety of auto-sexing brown egg layer.

Leg color for this breed is usually yellow, however it can range to a greenish tint. Plumage varies from brownish to white on adult hens combining for the cinnamon color for which the breed is named. Adult roosters will vary in plumage from completely white to white with light to dark red feathers on the shoulders. You will love the huge brown eggs from this wonderful breed!