Buff Orpington Chickens

Buff Orpington Chickens are a heavy hardy bird that lays all winter. They are great dual-purpose birds, and can go broody, too!


The Buff Orpington Chickens are a color variation of the Orpington breed. This breed was originally developed in England in the town of, you guessed it: Orpington. The Buff Orpington was first admitted to the Standard in 1902 after bringing the older Black Orpington first to America in 1890.

The Buff Orpington is a wildly popular breed of chicken for a few different reasons. Their docile and relaxed temperament makes them an easy bird for just about anyone to own. While they initially gained popularity because of their use as a meat bird, the Buff Orpington is classified as a dual-purpose breed that is used primarily for brown egg production. A mature Buff Orpington is loosely feathered and looks much heavier than it is. All of their plumage is of a rich golden buff with pinkish white beaks, shanks, and toes.

They have a five-point single comb that is of medium size. Buff Orpingtons are very hardy and therefore easily adapt to many different environments. They adapt to confinement and also do well in free-range. Their full feathers help them stay warm and lay throughout the winter. They are excellent mothers and don’t hesitate to go broody. Their beautiful appearance and great production make them a great addition to any farm.