Buff Laced Polish Chickens

The Buff Laced Polish Chicken is a beautifully colored polish variety with buff and white laced feathering on the body and crest.

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Kept primarily for their striking beauty and unique appearance, the Buff Laced Polish Chicken is one of the most popular shows birds in the world. The Bearded variety was admitted to the Standard in 1883 with the non-bearded variety being admitted in 1938.Though they are usually kept as show birds and classified as a non-sitter, these birds will still lay up to 120 small white eggs a year.

The Buff Laced Polish is of intermediate size, meaning it’s between the size of Standard and Bantam Breeds. The birds beak legs and toes area slaty blue with the crest of males and females being a creamy white with golden buff.The male has a lustrous neck, back, and saddle. The female’s entire plumage is golden buff with each feather being laced with a creamy white. Chicks are light yellow with some gold near their eye on some of them.

The Buff Laced Polish are docile chickens that make for great show birds! If you are to order you will receive a mix of bearded and non-bearded, there is no guaranteed ratio of either sex.