Buff Brahma Bantam Chickens

A Fancy Soft and Feather Footed Bantam Breed- Buff Brahma Bantam Chickens

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The bantam breed of Brahma Chickens is a bantam version of the standard breed named for the Brahmaputra River in India, the Brahma is thought to have developed by certain crossings of other Asiatics like the Chinese Shanghai, commonly known as Cochin Chicken, and the Chittagong Chicken. The Brahma is a fancy breed with fully feathered shanks and feet and a red pea comb.

This pretty chicken breed will lay a good number of small brown eggs One of the larger bantam breeds, the Brahma Bantam Chicken roosters will be close to 38 ounces and the hen will be 34 ounces. This breed is slow to mature and is hardy in hot and cold conditions. Brahma Bantam Chickens tend to be a gentle chicken and they are good and frequent brooders. Like the Standard Brahma Chicken, the Bantam Brahma Chicken is sold in Buff, Dark, and Light color varieties.