Brown Leghorn Chickens

A Beautiful and Multi-Colored Variety of the Prolific White Egg Layer- Brown Leghorn Chickens

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The Brown Leghorn is the incredibly beautiful variety of the ever-popular and productive Leghorn Chicken, the most popular white egg-laying breed in the world. Though there are many different variations of the Brown Leghorn, the Single Combed Light Brown variety is normally chosen because of its robust plumage and beauty.

Leghorn Chickens originated in Italy before 1815 and were introduced to America in the 1830s. The name Leghorn comes from a mispronunciation of the Ligurian Sea that they regularly transported through. Though they do not lay as prolifically as their White Leghorn cousins, they mature rapidly to a size of 3-4 pounds for hens and 5-6 for roosters.

Their smaller size makes them not the most optimal bird for meat production. They can be jittery birds who are very vocal and active around the coop or yard. They require little maintenance relative to other birds and provide a very efficient feed conversion rate.