Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys

The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey is a very popular breed. A great breed for quality meat.


The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey has been one of the most popular breeds of Turkey in America since we first began to domesticate the Eastern Wild Turkey. The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey was first created by crossing the Eastern Wild Turkey and different breeds of domestic turkeys brought over by colonists from Europe. The Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey changed dramatically during the 19th century since being recognized by the APA in 1874. The bird was crossed with larger and broader breasted turkeys brought to Canada and America from England. It has since been bred to enhance meat production and growth rate.

This breed was the leading commercial meat breed until the development of the Broad Breasted White Turkey. This breed grew to dominate the industry. This was partly because of its white pin feathers that do not show on the carcass when plucked. Now, the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey has greatly reduced in numbers and had decreased in general availability.

It is still an excellent choice for an efficient farmer looking to raise large quantities of commercial quality meat turkeys.