Bobwhite Quail

The Delicious, Popular, Fast flying game bird – The Bobwhite Quail

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Bobwhite Quail orders need to be on a separate online order so your order can be processed properly. They cannot be shipped with any other fowl.

The Bobwhite Quail is a small, quick, alert gamebird with elegantly striped and speckled plumage. Distinguishable from the white spot around the beak and the white stripe over the eye, the Bobwhite Quail is native to North America and its plumage is colored to allow it to fit in with dry, grassy plains or snowy hills. Introduce Bobwhite Quail to your farm for effective, natural insect control or order Bobwhite Quail for breeding, egg production or hunting. Please order Bobwhite Quail separately from any other bird to ensure proper processing.