Blue Sumatra Chickens

Blue Sumatra Chickens

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An old and established breed from the island of Sumatra in western Indonesia, the Black Sumatra has been a popular long-tailed exhibition breed since admitted to the Standard of Perfection in 1883. This graceful breed has a regal and upright carriage, and it is one of the most popular exhibition breeds for beginner breeders because it consistently breeds true to color and form. Sumatra Chicken Breeds were originally bred as a fighting chicken, with males having 3 spurs on each leg, but they are not strictly bred for exhibition purposes.

The Sumatra Chicken Breed has broad shoulders and a long back that narrows towards the tail. The sickles, coverts, and tail feathers are long and flowing and will drag the ground but give the breed a beautiful distinction. Like many other blue colored chicken breeds, the Blue Sumatra variety can come in shades of blue, dark blue/black or splash coloration. When showing the Blue Sumatra you will want to select the birds that exhibit the most consistent blue colored plumage. Being extremely rare, the pure blue coloration will show very well and attract a lot of attention at any poultry competition.

Due to the rarity of this breed, we cannot guarantee you will receive a certain number of pure blue Sumatra Chicks. You may receive any combination of Blue, Dark Blue/Black, or Splash. Sumatra Chickens are one of the most beautiful exhibition chicken breeds, and though they lack a diversely colored plumage, they make up for it with such a distinct shining coat of glossy black feathers. Another unique trait of this breed is that they are one of the very few breeds that lay white or tinted eggs but lack the white earlobes – typical of most white egg laying chicken breeds.