Blue Rosecomb Bantam Chicken

A Popular Bantam Variety and Great for Exhibition – Blue Rosecomb Bantam Chickens

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If you’re looking for a true miniature chicken, look no further than Cackle Hatchery’s bantam chicken selection on eFowl.

The Blue Rosecomb Bantam Chicken is a must-have for anyone looking for a beautiful chicken to exhibit, or just a wonderfully eye-catching bird to have in your own backyard! Admitted to the Standard of Poultry Perfection in 1874, the Blue Rosecomb Bantam Chicken wears a beautiful and flowing blue coat of feathers. The bird’s other most distinctive trait is its majestic large white earlobes.

The Blue Rosecomb Bantam isn’t the first-time poultry owner’s ideal bird, as it can be flighty, has a low egg-production, and is mainly used for exhibition. Like the other Rosecomb varieties, the Blue Rosecomb has a below average egg production and will produce small bantam sized cream colored eggs. These true miniatures are some of the best and most beautiful show birds in the entire world.