Black Rosecomb Bantam Chicken

A Popular Bantam Variety and Great for Exhibition – Black Rosecomb Bantam Chickens

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The Rosecomb Bantam Chicken is one of the best and most sought after true miniature chickens on the poultry market. A true miniature breed of chicken is one that doesn’t have a standard equivalent of the same breed. The black variety of the Rosecomb Bantam breed is a strikingly black-feathered version of the famous show bird with the infamous large white ear lobes.

Not the most prolific of egg layers, the Black Rosecomb Bantam is typically kept as a show bird and not often utilized as an egg-laying breed. When they do lay they lay a small bantam sized white or cream colored egg. The Rosecomb Bantam was first admitted to the Standard of Excellence in 1874.

As we mentioned before, the Black Rosecomb Bantam isn’t an outrageous egg-layer and is usually kept as a show bird, so first time owners or potential owners looking for meat and egg production should probably look elsewhere than the beautiful Black Rosecomb Bantam.