Black Breasted Red Phoenix Chickens

A rare and prized variety of long tailed Asian breeds – Black Breasted Red Phoenix Chickens

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The Black Breasted Red Phoenix is one of the more rare and prized varieties of Phoenix Chickens that have been bred and raised in Japan for centuries. The Phoenix is a long-tailed chicken breed that is kept primarily for its exhibition and aesthetic purposes. It is a remarkably beautiful chicken breed, and it will lay medium sized white legs, but not frequently enough to call it a utility trait.

The Black Breasted Red Phoenix is a fairly small chicken breed with a single comb and white earlobes. The female Black Breasted Red Phoenix have radiant red hackles with orange-red chests and thighs. The outer rim of the wing feathers are a black and the saddle is red-orange and fades to black toward the end of the tail. The males also have a bright red amber hackles with a lustrous black breast. They have some iridescent blue feathers on the wing, and the saddle and sickle feathers are mostly red with some black and iridescent blue. There is a small patch of white plumage on the saddle as well, and the long and beautiful tail is lustrous black.

It is important to have a high roost for these birds and to keep the floor of their coop reasonably clean to help prevent the long tail from picking up too much waste. This is a fairly rare and extremely exotic chicken breed. A prize for anyone who takes pride in their ornamental chicken breeds.