Black Australorp Chickens

The Black Australorp is a large dual bird and one of the most prolific egg laying breeds in the world.


One of the most prolific egg laying breeds in the world, the Black Australorp Chickens were first developed in Australia. This breed is known for being a quality egg-laying chicken without compromising the bird’s size and quality of meat. The result was just that as they created one of the most popular backyard and dual-purpose chickens to this day.

After setting all sorts of egg-laying records in Australia, the Black Australorp was finally introduced into North America in the 1920s. They are known for its ability to continually produce eggs even when it’s extremely hot. When hens stop laying, they are still large enough to be utilized for their meat.

Calm, docile, and content in confinement, the Black Australorp is a little smaller than their Orpington ancestor, though cocks can still weigh in around 8.5 pounds. Covered in glossy and iridescently black feathers, this bird shows off a beautiful greenish purple hue in the sunlight. Both females and male wear a straight, medium-sized red comb adorned with 5 distinct and regal points. Black Australorp chicks may wear some white on their wing tips but will be solid black by the time they are fully matured.