Barnevelder Chickens

A great dual-purpose breed and a good layer of dark reddish brown eggs – Barnevelder Chickens

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The Barnevelder Chicken was first recognized by the American Standard of Perfection in 1991. Originating from the Barneveld region of Holland, this breed is known for laying an especially dark brown egg.

The Barnevelder sports a single comb and comes with double-laced, blue-laced, white, or black partridge plumage. These hardy birds are quiet and don’t mind being confined, thus making an excellent chicken for a small chicken coop with an enclosed run. Once a rare bird to find in the United States, the Barnevelder is becoming more popular every year, especially for backyard flock owners.

Originally bred in the late 19th century and early 20th century in Holland for dark egg laying. The Barnevelder was cross-bred from an older local variety that may date as early as the 12th century. In recent history, some bloodlines have been bred for show and others for the darkness of their eggs.

The Barnevelder is a calm and docile breed, however, it has been known to shy away from human contact. This breed has mixed reports on setting and brooding and tends to be slower in maturation. However once matured, Barnevelder hens can lay 150-200 eggs a year with above average sized large brown eggs!