Assorted Silkie Chickens

Assorted silkie chickens are a mixture of the various colors available for a shorter waiting time.


Assorted silkie chickens are a mixture of the various colors available. Ordering this way can give you shorter wait times for your order. However, don’t expect to get a perfect mixture of silkie chicken colors. You will simply get what is available that day. You might even get all of the same color! If you have your heart set on a particular color of silkie chicken, it is best to order that individually.

Choosing the Silkie Bantam Chicken Assortment is the quickest and most cost efficient way to have a beautiful bunch of Silkie Chicks delivered to straight to you. Though we cannot guarantee you will receive all the different varieties of the Silkie Chicken that we offer, you may receive any of the following color varieties: White Silkie Chicken Black Silkie Chicken Blue Silkie Chicken Buff Silkie Chicken and even a few other potential colors.

Silkie Chickens are an truly unique and one of a kind breed of chicken originating in Asia. Silkie Chickens are ideal as pets and the hens are especially broody and will raise chicks from other species. Of all Bantam Chicken breeds, the Silkie is by far one of the most popular and has even been referred to as the “lap dog” of chickens. They have multiple features to qualify them as a fancy breed: Turquoise earlobes, Five toes, Crests, and Feathered feet.

Where can I find silkie chickens for sale near me?

Check out the page offering silkies for sale, to see the wide variety of vendors that offer silkie chicks. This is growing all the time, as we add more and more farms and hatcheries for the super popular silkies!

Silkie Chickens have bluish black skin, beaks, bones, and mean that are a result of a melanotic gene. They also have an abundance of silky soft feathers. Silkie Chickens are not only extremely soft and adorable, but they are also quite entertaining to watch in a flock. They have extremely endearing personalities and can truly make an excellent and lovable pet. In the far east where the Silkie Chicken originated, they are still raised as pets and eaten as well. Silkie Chickens are recognized to have both bearded and non-bearded varieties. When you order our Silkie Chickens you will receive a mix of both.

The Silkie is an ancient breed and the first western account of the existence of this unique and fascinating soft feathered breed comes from Marco Polo in his travels during the thirteenth century. This cute breed and its silky soft feathers makes an ideal pet and can be quite useful in sitting on eggs of other chicken or duck breeds.