Assorted Polish Chickens

The Assorted Polish Chickens is a great way to get a variety of not sexed Polish chickens at a discounted price.


The Hatchery Choice Assorted Polish Chickens is a great option for purchasing an exciting variety of our various colored breeds. The Polish breed is a very popular fancy breed originating in Poland. They’re very well known for their beautiful and stately crests on top of their head. They also have the very distinct and beautiful V-comb in addition with their combs. This combination of unique beauty makes these birds truly one of a kind.

With our Assorted Polish Chickens, you can get a variety of any color variations. These colors include Buff laced, Silver laced, White Crested Black Polish, White Polish, and more! Most of our Crested Breeds are fair layers of small to medium white eggs. They also have fairly calm and gentle temperaments.

When you order the Top Hat Special we will send you the best variety of the Crested Breeds that we currently have available. These product are due to changing demands and availability. As a result, we cannot guarantee you will receive a proportionate number of every breed. Furthermore, sexing is not available on a specific crested breed or with the Assorted Polish Chickens. This is a great way to get your flock started with a variety of different colored Polish birds.