Assorted Bantam Chickens

A quick and easy way to receive an assortment of Bantam chickens – Assorted Bantam Breeds

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If you’re looking for Bantam Chicks, and want them as soon as possible, then Assorted Bantam Chickens is the way to go. You can add Assorted Banties to other Bantam Breeds in order to meet our minimums.

When you order Assorted Bantam Chickens, you will receive a hatchery choice, straight run mixture of our various bantam breeds for sale. You cannot choose the breeds that will make up the assortment. If you want to receive a certain breed, you will need to order that breed individually.

The advantages to ordering Assorted Bantams are a lower cost, as well as a faster shipping date. Please note that if we do not have a breed available individually, it will not be included in an assortment.