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Backyard Chicken Coops for Sale

Chicken Coops

At eFowl, we are extremely proud of our immense selection of different chicken coops that come in all shapes and sizes.  Having a proper chicken coop is obviously essential to a healthy flock and it is so for a number of reasons.

Chicken Coops Are An Essential

Many people don’t fully understand how important a solid chicken coop is to your flock. Chicken coops do much more than just give your birds a “home” to sleep in.  The coop protects your birds from the elements and the cold. This is very crucial in keeping the flock healthy and productive.  They also give the birds a safe place to do things they only do when they feel safe.  This includes things like sleeping and laying eggs for example.  Lastly, they protect your birds from predators. For the backyard flock owners, choose from our Small, Medium, and Large Chicken Coops on eFowl. We even have a handful of coops available with free shipping.

Protection from predators is a major part of having a solid chicken coop.  While many people think this just means preventing them from getting through the front door, predators have gotten much more creative than that.  If a predator like a raccoon, fox, or coyote wants to get into a chicken coop, they’re going to try getting in anyway possible.  Most don’t realize that an animal like this is perfectly capable of crawling up from under and into your coop.  This makes a solid floor or walls dug deep into the ground incredibly important.

Chicken coops are a major part of raising a flock.  The right coop will keep your birds safe and warm.

Chicken Coop Plans and Designs

Think you’re handy enough to build your own backyard chicken coop? Well, that’s great because we offer a couple excellent coop plans that will guide you through the process with ease. Designing a chicken coop yourself is definitely possible, but you’re more likely to end up spending money on excess material. Our coop designs were drawn up by professionals who have the experience necessary to include every essential feature while ensuring an aesthetically beautiful backyard chicken coop. A few of our favorites are the Garden Coop and the Bella Coop. Browse through our affordable coop designs to see if building your own is right for you!

What about Duck Coops?

Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the ducks! However, we only have one duck house built specifically for the waterfowl. We aren’t able to devote a whole category to them, but we do offer one premium duck house. The floating Aqua Duck House is a premium floating coop for your ducks. This way, they can enjoy the comfort of shelter without worrying too much about pesky land predators. Unless they can swim of course!

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