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Broad Breasted Turkeys for Sale

Broad Breasted Turkeys

Broad breasted turkeys, including broad breasted white turkeys and broad breasted bronze turkeys, are the two main breeds in the commercial turkey industry.  Like most domesticated turkeys within the United States, broad breasted turkeys also originate from a cross between a North American Wild Turkey and domesticated European breeds.

These breeds are so popular for the turkey industry because they grow rapidly and have efficient feed conversion.

Broad Breasted Turkeys, The Kings Of The Turkey Scene

These strains of commercial turkeys will not reproduce naturally.  They are specifically bred for the most efficient feed to breast meat conversion rate.  They grow extremely fast, making them very popular for farmers seeking the most efficient turkey operation.

Broad breasted turkeys are designed for their meat. This means you probably shouldn’t get them for any other purpose. Unfortunately, due to their rapid growth, Broad Breasted varieties need to be harvested within a certain time frame to prevent health complications.

If need homegrown turkey meat, you should be in the market for an efficient breed that makes getting that meat as easy as possible.  No breeds do that quite like the Broad Breasted White and Broad Breasted Bronze Turkey.

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