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Wild Turkeys for Sale


eFowl is home to one of the best selections of Broad Breasted and Heritage Breed Turkeys on the web. We are strong supports of pasture raised birds for meat, and we encourage all turkey lovers to try raising heritage turkey varieties. Some of our favorites are the Bourbon Red, Black Spanish, and Royal Palm turkey breeds.

So Many Turkeys for Sale

We have so many different kinds and breeds of turkey that we definitely have whatever you’re in the market for.  If you’re looking for some commercial meat breeds, we have both the Broad Breasted White Turkey or the Broad Breasted Bronze Turkeys.  These are great for larger scale meat operations or the raiser who just wants consistent homegrown turkey meat.

We also have very popular heritage breeds of turkey.  The Bourbon Red Turkey is a very popular choice, as are Royal Palm and Narragansett Turkeys.  Heritage breeds can naturally reproduce and thrive in tougher outdoor conditions unlike the commercial meat breeds.  They also live much longer and mature in a more slow and natural manner.

We also sell wild turkey breeds.  Wild breeds include the Eastern Wild Turkey, which was the base for which most commercial and heritage breeds that exist today were crossed with.   We also offer the Rio Grande Wild Turkey.

Turkeys are big beautiful birds.  They will usually require larger equipment (coops, processing equipment etc.) than that of chickens or ducks, but with the right tools, these birds are great for the farm.

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