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Red Golden Pheasants for Sale

Juvenile Pheasants

Exotic Pheasants and waterfowl are very popular to raise in ornamental flocks.  At eFowl, we have an incredible selection of many different varieties of the beautiful Golden Pheasant.  Sold as juvenile pairs, these birds were hatched in the spring.  They were also raised by game bird experts are completely ready to be taken in by their new owners!

Pheasants For Sale

Golden Pheasants are native to the very densely forested and mountainous regions of China.  North America is also the only place you can find these types of birds in captivity. Another of our most popular pheasant varieties is the Lady Amherst Pheasant.

These birds are incredibly beautiful with their rich and colorful plumage.  ”Aesthetically pleasing” would definitely be an understatement.  Additionally, these flocks aren’t relatively “complicated” to own meaning they are great for even beginning collectors and breeders to raise.

At eFowl we fully guarantee not only a live arrival, but healthy birds as well.  Please see our Live Arrival Guarantee for more information on this.

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