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Mandarin Ducks for Sale

Juvenile Duck Pairs

Juvenile Duck Pairs are one of eFowl’s specialties. When it comes to providing breeders and hobbyists with beautiful and hard to find breeds, eFowl has a tremendous selection. These ducks are usually sold as juvenile pairs that hatched the previous spring.  After being raised by experts, they are healthy and ready to join your flock.

Wood Ducks and Mandarin Ducks

Out of all our adult duck breeds, Mandarin and Wood Ducks are the most popular.  These are both equally beautiful breeds that will turn any and every backyard into an exquisite, exotic wonderland.  Not only are these breeds beautiful and exotic, but they are great for raising if you consider yourself a beginner or novice raiser of exotic or wild waterfowl.  If you consider yourself more than a beginner, there are plenty of other breeds available here at eFowl too!

Part of what makes these exotic and rare breeds so popular is just how darn hard it is to get your hands on some.   Sometimes this can come down to paperwork and whatnot.  Other times it may just be sheer exclusivity.  But at eFowl we handle everything clearance-wise from start to finish.  We complete the necessary federal paperwork and we package the birds in approved USPS transport boxes.  Lastly, we strategically ship and package them for the safest transportation possible.

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