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Game Birds for Sale

Game Birds

Game birds are a very popular product here at eFowl.  Technically game birds are defined as birds that you can hunt for sport.  While this is true, some birds like quail are especially tasty and a great bird to raise on your own.

What’s The Word On Game Birds

At eFowl, we offer a few different breeds of game bird:

All of the above are also packaged and shipped from a location close to you to ensure the safest and quickest transportation possible.  All of the birds we sell at eFowl come with a live arrival guarantee.  That means you will receive the correct quantity and breeds of bird or you will be refunded.

More specifically, some of the more popular game birds we offer are the Ringneck Pheasant and the Chukar Partridge.  Given their immense beauty, these bird are well-known to be kept as merely pets, but they also make great game birds and food. We also have a few rarer ringneck varieties like the Manchurian Ringneck Cross and the Melanistic Mutant. Ringneck Pheasant can be found in some of the most high-end restaurants across the entire the world!

Lastly, these birds are very hardy as well, which makes them very easy to raise and care for.  They also have great survivability and will adapt to almost any climate!

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