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Standard Ducks

Ducks are some of the best backyard pets a person can have.  Not only are they cute, but their docile and friendly nature make them easy to raise and easy to love.  Standard ducks represent the normal sized and more common breeds that make up most of the domesticated duck population.  Many of the most popular duck breeds like Pekin, Rouen, and Cayuga fit into the “standard” category.

Standard Ducks Are Anything But Standard

Despite the name, the goofy and endearing behavior exhibited by ducks is anything but standard.  Standard breeds are generally the type of duck breeds that were developed on farms as utility fowl.  Despite their productive nature, they still make wonderful pets.  Most standard ducks are going to be dual-purpose breeds, which means they can lay plenty of eggs and also be harvested for their meat!

Unless you get the Mallard, most of these breeds will be too large in order to sustain prolonged flight.  This means it’s not completely necessary to give them a full enclosure. You also want to give them a coop or enclosure to sleep in at night.  Domesticated ducks are not suitable to live on their own in the wild and therefore and very prone to predators.  You should always lock your birds up at night to keep them protected.

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