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Rare Ducks and Indian Runners

Rare Ducks

Rare duck breeds are as beautiful as they can be hard to find. Many of the rare ducks we offer aren’t able to be found anywhere else on the web. Because of their exclusivity, we can only hatch a certain number each year, which means it’s important to grab them while you can!

Rare Ducks Turn Any Backyard Into An Exotic Paradise

Are you tired of looking out your backyard at just another backyard? With some rare duck breeds you can turn your standard backyard into a spectacle that you have to see to believe! At eFowl, we offer rare duck breeds like:

Again, as these breeds can only hatch through a few spring months, it’s very important to book early to ensure you get your hands on some.

In addition, like many of our live poultry products, you can order a “Hatchery Choice” Rare Duck Assortment. This means you’ll get a randomly chosen assortment of these rare ducks shipped right to you!  This is great for anyone trying to get a brand new rare duck breed flock off the ground and running! It also provides a more reliable shipping date. Many times on hatch day, it’s difficult to fulfill orders with exact numbers of certain breeds.  As a result, specific breed orders may be delayed. With a hatchery choice order, it doesn’t matter what breeds you need as long as they’re rare ducks!

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