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Call Ducks for Sale

Call Ducks

Call ducks are some of the rarest domestic duck breeds in the United States. Calls were originally used as a hunting tool to help attract game and other animals. It’s only been in recent years that the breed has become one of the most sought after duck breeds in the world when it comes to pet ducks. Mostly raised for hobby and exhibition, the Call duck is undeniably cute due to it’s tiny stature, perfectly rounded head, and short bill. 

Everyone Loves Call Ducks

Call ducks are considerably smaller than standard duck breeds, this makes them optimal as pet ducks. However, it may be necessary to clip their wings or house them in a netted aviary as they are excellent flyers. They aren’t prolific egg layers and they are certainly not ideal for meat production. They are primarily enjoyed for their aesthetic appeal and sweet disposition. Call ducklings have been bred in a variety of colors, and eFowl offers 6 of those. Blue, White, and Pastel are a few of the most popular Call Ducks for sale on eFowl. If you’d like to learn a little more about call ducks and their history, check out our blog: All About Call Ducks.

Since these ducks are so small, their minimum order quantity is typically higher than most larger breeds.  Currenlty our only hatchery that offers call ducks is Jonson’s Waterfowl, a small family owned hatchery in Northern Minnesota. Like all other breeds of poultry, our ducks come with a Live Arrival Guarantee.

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