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Ducks for Sale


At eFowl, ducks and waterfowl are one of our specialties.  Call Ducks and Rare Waterfowl are actually the first birds sold on eFowl. Whether it’s Indian Runners, Standard breeds, Call ducks and more, we have exactly what you need.  We have one of the best selections of ducks for sale on the web.  Many of our rare breeds come from very our family-operated hatchery in Minnesota, Johnson Waterfowl.

Ducks Can Do More Than You think

What many people don’t know about waterfowl is just how versatile and useful they can be. Ducks make great pets, but their productivity on the farm is what makes them incredibly popular to backyard farmers. They most popular backyard duck and meat breed is the Pekin Duck. You may have recognized him from the Aflac commercial. The Pekin Duck makes a great pet or egg layer as well. There are plenty of other great layers and pet duck breeds like the Rouen, Cayuga, and Swedish ducks as well.

Have you ever tried cooking or baking with duck eggs?  Many avid bakers and cooks alike will argue that the consistency and such of a duck egg make for a richer and more flavorful cooking experience. The Khaki Campbell and Indian Runner ducks are most known for their excellent duck egg laying abilities.

Duck meat is also a very coveted delicacy among cultures the world over. Duck is often a top-selling item at some of the world’s most popular and heralded restaurants.  But there’s a certain natural sense of fulfillment when you raise and harvest the duck by yourself for you and your family.

Lastly, these birds just make great pets. Many people buy ducks because they are incredibly docile, friendly, and rather goofy. Many ducks will come running up to you quacking much like a dog will! (Dogs don’t quack though.) If you’re looking for a great alternative to chickens, buy ducks this Spring.

Looking to Hatch Your Own?

Along with baby ducklings for sale, we also sell a wide variety of duck hatching eggs. You can find almost all of our duckling breeds available as hatching eggs as well.

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