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Rare Chicken Breeds

Rare Chicken Breeds

Most Rare Chicken Breeds will not be available to hatch and ship until February of 2017. Please browse around and plan your 2017 flock. If you are looking for chicks available to ship now, please check out Hoover’s Hatchery or our Available Now Category.

Rare chicken breeds are indeed rare.  The rare breeds that we offer are actually only bred by a handful of different hatcheries in the United States.  Some of these breeds are sought after by farmers and poultry raisers all over the world.  Some are kept for their production qualities while others are kept simply for their beautiful plumage.

What Makes Rare Chicken Breeds So Rare?

Often times it is simply a unique color variation of a particular breed that make it rare. However, some breeds themselves are simply hard to find due to a lack of breeding stock throughout the United States. Many of these breeds are native to regions other than the United States, another aspect that makes them so rare. This does in fact limit the supply of these rare breeds.  Despite this, eFowl strives to make sure all of our rare breeds are available throughout as many months as possible.

The Livestock Conservancy also tracks the number of active breeding stocks of certain rare heritage breeds across the United States. They are categorized under a few different categories of conservation status depending on how scarce they actually are. It’s important to purchase and breed these rare heritage breeds to help ensure the preservation of genetic diversity. Many cary genetic traits that are hard to find among other heritage breeds, and the only way to preserve them is to continue breeding for them.

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