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Long Tail Chicken Breeds

Long-Tailed Chickens

Long-Tailed Chickens are highly sought after.  Considered “rare” breeds, these birds are exotic and unique.  Though quite self-explanatory, these breeds typically have much longer tails than your standard chicken.  Given their unique appearance, they are also incredibly popular at exhibitions.

Many People Long For Long-Tailed Chickens

Part of what makes a breed rare is the demand for said breed. And when it comes to long-tailed breeds, they are in high demand.  Luckily, eFowl sells most of the long-tailed breeds that you can’t find in anywhere else.  Some of the most popular long-tailed breeds that we sell include:

As you may be able to figure out, many of the above breeds originated in Asia and are not native to North America.  Even though these types of chickens are wildly popular at exhibitions, they can still lay a solid amount of eggs and hence be valuable contributors to the farm.

These chicks will be shipped to you promptly after hatching.  You’ll receive the birds at 24-48 hours old.  Like with all live birds sold on eFowl, Long-Tailed Chickens come with a Live Arrival Guarantee to ensure you get exactly what you pay for!

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