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White Egg Layers for Sale

White Egg Layers

Leghorn chickens and other similar hybrids that lay white eggs are incredibly popular among commercial egg farms and other large scale egg farms. White egg layers are generally smaller in size than dual purpose brown egg laying breeds. They do not have to eat as much food because of their small stature, increasing their feed to egg efficiency.

The leghorn chicken in particular can produce an astonishing number of white eggs each year, and it’s feed efficiency can save money for larger egg operations. This is why most grocery store eggs are more commonly white.

Other White Egg Layers

However, not all white egg layers are prolific producers of eggs. Breeds like the Polish chicken will lay white eggs, but they are more commonly raised for their fancy feather features. Known as “crested” chickens, these are fun exhibition breeds, but they won’t produce enough eggs to be raised for that purpose alone. You can find these breeds under our Rare and Fancy chicken breed categories. Many white egg layers like the Leghorn and Polish chickens originated in the Mediterranean region.

Is there any way to tell if a chicken is going to lay a white or brown egg? Well, actually the answer to that is yes! Almost all chicken breeds that lay white eggs will also have white ear lobes. While this may not be 100% true for all breeds, you will find that most breeds with red earlobes lay a brown egg.

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