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Brown Egg Laying Chickens

Brown Egg Layers

You’ll notice that quite a few of our Brown Egg Layers are currently unavailable for the Fall and Winter Months. All chicks will be available again in February of 2017. If you want to find the chicks that are available to ship now, please check out the Hoover’s Hatchery page or our Available Now Category.

Small farms and backyard flocks are commonly made up of brown egg laying chickens. Many American heritage chicken breeds are brown egg layers. Among these are the popular Rhode Island Red, Barred Plymouth Rock, and Buff Orpington chicken breeds. These classic chicken breeds are staples of rural America. Fortunately, they are still thriving in flocks across the country.

Egg Taste

There is no taste difference between brown, white, or green eggs. However, some people just prefer one color over another. More importantly than the color of the egg is the hardiness, productivity, and disposition of the actual chicken breed. Many of our most popular brown egg layers are incredibly hardy and disease resistant heritage breeds. These chicken breeds have been adapting to American climates for centuries. While not all brown egg layers can be raised for meat, you will find that many are what we call Dual Purpose Chicken Breeds. These are breeds that can be raised for both egg and meat production. Before the development of modern broiler breeds, dual purpose heritage chicken breeds were common among families and farms of rural areas.

Shades of Brown Eggs

Many brown egg laying chicken breeds will lay different shades of beautiful tan, pink, and light brown eggs. The shades of brown can vary based on breed or individual chicken. If you’re looking for Dark brown egg layers or chocolate egg layers, check out our dark brown egg layer category for breeds like Black Copper Marans, Welsummer, and Barnevelder Chickens.

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