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Green Egg Layers for Sale

Blue and Green Egg Layers

Blue and Green Egg Laying Chickens have become increasingly popular among backyard chicken owners. Ameraucana chickens and Easter Egger Chickens are easily the most common of the blue and green layers. Not only do these chicken breeds lay a uniquely colored egg, but they are generally incredibly docile and enjoyable to raise.

Despite any myths you may have heard, the color of the egg does not affect the nutritional value or taste of the eggs. Furthermore, health, environment, and diet of the chicken will determine the nutritional value and taste of the egg.

Color Appeal

However, while there may not be a nutritional benefit to green or blue chicken eggs, a colorful assortment of eggs has an aesthetic appeal that you won’t find in a carton of pure brown or white eggs. Are you selling eggs at your local market, to coworkers, or to friends? If so, I can assure you that your customers will love receiving a more diverse assortment of egg colors in each carton. For chicken breeders, blue and green egg layers can be bred with other colorful egg layers like Marans (dark brown) to create even more interesting egg colors. Add some colorful egg layers to your flock this season! After all, who doesn’t want to make green eggs and ham a reality.

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