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Bantam Chicken breeds will not be hatching again until February of 2017. Feel free to browse the breeds that we expect to have available next season. If you are looking for chicks that are currently available to hatch and ship, check out Hoover’s Hatchery or our Available Now category.

Bantam Chicken breeds are incredibly popular among backyard chicken owners and hobbyists. Their small size allows them to thrive in smaller environments. Further, their cuteness and unique plumage set bantam chickens apart from most standard breeds.

What is a bantam chicken?

If you are not familiar with bantam chickens, they are essentially a miniature version of a standard chicken breed. However, many bantam breeds are unique in that they have no standard sized counterpart. A few of these unique breeds are the Silkie chicken, Japanese, D’Uccle, Dutch, and Sebright chicken breeds, among others.

Hobbyists raise bantams most commonly for their undeniable cuteness and beauty. They are quite commonly shown at exhibition. However, some are raised for their egg laying abilities despite their drastically reduced egg size. Many bantam breeds, like the Cochin and Silkie Chickens, have loving personalities and unrivaled mothering abilities. Subsequently, it’s common for hobby breeders to use cochin bantams to hatch and raise poultry of all types

If you are limited on space or want to add some unique and beautiful chickens to your flock, be sure to explore our bantam chicken categories. eFowl has a great assortment of feather footed and clean footed bantam chicken varieties.

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