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Chickens for Sale


At eFowl, we work with a network of family-owned hatcheries offering an excellent variety of chickens for sale. Our customers range from small backyard urban flock owners to large pastured poultry farms. We proudly offer the highest quality production chicken breeds for eggs or meat. You’ll also find beautiful and hardy dual purpose heritage chicken breeds ideal for backyards and pastures.

Our Chicken Minimums

The order minimums for our chickens for sale will vary depending on hatchery. However, this year we will now be able to offer baby chicks in quantities as few as 3 chicks to be shipped safely to your local post office. We hope this will allow you to choose from a wider variety of chicks for your small backyard chicken flock!

Types of Chicken Breeds

In addition, many of our chicken hatcheries offer an excellent variety of rare ornamental chicken breeds and bantams for show. Our new hatchery profiles let you learn more about the farm that breeds your poultry. Find hatcheries nearby if you’re more interested in shopping locally. You can also just find the small hatchery that has the rare breeding stock you have been looking for. Enjoy learning about the farms and breeds, and choose the egg layers, dual-purpose, meat, or rare breeds that are best for your flock.

Raising Chickens

Raising chickens can be an incredibly rewarding experience for the backyard chicken flock owner or for a small farmer looking to make a side income selling farm fresh eggs. Chickens are entertaining, require just basic care and housing, and are incredibly hardy. They also provide one of the most popular and simple sources of protein available in their eggs.

If you are new to raising chickens and you just don’t know where to start when it comes to starting your first flock, check out our Getting Started with Chickens Buyer’s Guide and eBook. eFowl has the widest variety of chickens for sale on the web, and we will help guide your purchasing experience from start to finish. We provide tools for novices and experts alike. Our goal is to help you build your pastured poultry operation in your backyard or farm.