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Live Poultry for Sale

Live Poultry

At eFowl.com, our job is live poultry for small farms and backyards. If you’re looking to start or grow you flock, you will find any live poultry for sale on eFowl.com, and more specifically, in this category.  eFowl has ducks, chickens, guineas, turkeys, geese, and more breeds all available from our network of trusted NPIP approved poultry hatcheries. Not only will you find the breeds you’re looking for, but we have them at competitive prices. We offer free shipping on all live poultry orders over 25 birds.  Shop here for great deals and on live poultry including egg layers, meat breeds, rare breeds, bantams, and more!

Just About Anyone Can Raise Live Poultry

Don’t have a farm or big plot of land? No problem! Creating a backyard farm is fun, fulfilling, and economical for you and your family.  While most people don’t think they have the skills, room, or time to create such a set-up, it’s becoming more commonplace across the country. At eFowl.com, we offer a suite of educational materials in addition to our blog to help you get started. We can help get you set up with your supplies along with your first order of baby chicks. It doesn’t matter if you’re a first time farmer or a seasoned veteran, if you want to raise poultry, we can help!

Is Your Business Poultry?

If you’re a veteran of the poultry industry, but you’re looking for ways to optimize your farming practices, eFowl can help you out. We source a variety of quality and affordable poultry equipment for larger egg and meat operations. eFowl can also provide incredibly competitive pricing on bulk poultry orders. Contact us today to find out how we can help improve your live poultry business.