Game Birds for Sale
Game birds for sale include popular types of fowl to stock your land for hunting, ornamental purposes, or diversity.  These breeds are types like the ringneck pheasant, chukar partridge, and mallard duck.  While these are domesticated breeds and you will need to raise the game birds chicks, they can largely achieve self sufficiency.
How much do game birds like pheasants cost?
Game birds chicks like the ringneck pheasant and the chukar are generally very inexpensive on a per chick basis, but they have high minimums, requiring you to order quite a few.  For example, you may be able to buy chukar at $1 – $2 per chick, but you will need to order a minimum of 50, making the whole order cost about $75 – $125 (with shipping).  Most farms and hatcheries will offer quantity discounts.
What are the most popular game birds for hunting?
The most popular game birds are generally going to be pheasants, with ringneck pheasants leading the way.  Bobwhite Quail are very popular as well, followed by the chukar partridge.


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