Ducks for sale make your backyard or farm flock lively and energetic. Let eFowl show you the best hatcheries and farms that offer ducklings for sale. Buy ducklings directly from a hatchery close to you. Our partner duck suppliers include name brands like Metzer Farms, Cackle Hatchery, Johnson Waterfowl, and Tractor Supply.

At eFowl, you can connect directly with the farms hatching popular duckling breeds like pekins, mallards, khaki campbells, and cayugas. We will even guide you on purchasing rare duck breeds like call ducks and runner ducks.

What do ducklings for sale cost?

Hatcheries and farms generally charge more for ducks than they do for chickens. The most common and popular ducks such as pekins or khaki campbells, and mallards are about $5.00-$7.00 each. Rarer pet duck breeds, like the cayugas or runner ducks, are about $6.00-8.00 . If you want to order baby ducks as sexed (specified males or females), this will generally add about $2.00 to the purchase price.

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